Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks Study

Every Practice Should be a WellMP®


“This study is a labor of love. For more than 30 years our team has worked tirelessly to dig-in and understand the mechanics of Well-Managed® veterinary practices. 2017 is a big year for us as we begin an exciting transformation that will add even more depth and value to what the WMPB Study brings to the veterinary profession.”

—Denise Tumblin, Owner and President, WTA Veterinary Consultants, Founder, Well-Managed Practice® Benchmarks

What is WMPB?

The WMPB (Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks) study has been a beacon for the veterinary profession for more than 30 years. It is recognized as the “gold standard” in Benchmarks and is the only audited study in existence. Study participants must meet specific criteria to be considered as part of the pool of well-managed practices. What’s the definition of a well-managed practice?

Why are some practices more innovative and more profitable than others? Why do some inspire greater loyalty from clients and employees? In the annual WMPB Study, we uncover and share the why, how and what’s behind WellMP® success. This is the only tool in the veterinary profession that shows practice managers and owners HOW to become a well-managed practice.

“I never miss the numbers! I wait eagerly each year to see how the four practices I manage compare to the WMPB study. There’s always something new to learn.”

Debbie Hill, CVPM

Hospital Administrator, Animal Hospital of Pensacola

“I get a ton of value from WMPB. There’s always some useful bits of information – something that somebody is doing a little better than I am – that I can put to use in my own practice.”

Dr. Darren Williams

Practice Owner, Mayde Creek Animal Health Center

What's New for WMPB 2017?

Find out more about what has changed, and what differentiates WMPB from others in the veterinary profession.

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The WMPB study helps me keep my finger on the pulse of my practice.  I get great tips each year that help me make improvements and stay relevant.  The information is valuable to me and to my team. ” 

Dr. Christen Skaer

Practice Owner, Skaer Veterinary Clinic

“The Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks study allows me to compare myself to the leading veterinary practices.  In addition,  I find new ways of looking at the same issues each of us encounters.”

Dr. Brent Cook

Practice Owner, Kingsbrook Animal Hospital

“The Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks is the litmus test that allows me to measure my personal business philosophy against the current regional and national financial metrics of the veterinary profession.”

Dr. Lee Stuart

Practice Owner, Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital

“None of us practice veterinary medicine in a vacuum!  The WMPB study gives me insight into where trends are going across the country.  I find it an indispensable tool in making decisions.”

Dr. Jonathan Durocher

Practice Owner, Durocher Veterinary Clinic

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